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  • 1. What instruments do you teach?

    We specialise in guitar but because of the similarities between Guitar and Bass also Guitar and Ukulele, we provide promising results in both these instruments as well.

    2. Why should I take private lessons?

    Because online and YouTube lessons are so accessible with a million and one different approaches to learning the guitar it is easy to fall into the following traps:

    1. You waste a lot of time searching for the right thing to play or practise.
    2. Information given online is generalised, not specific to your needs, abilities and desires. 
    3. You do not receive any feedback, critical or positive to your playing. This is such a key element in your playing.
    4. Who does the assessments and corrections of you playing, frustrations and techniques? This is done personally by us, every lesson and every step of the way.
    5. Looking at a computer screen does not help with your social, communication and life skills. Having lessons and playing with others makes you feel significant, loved, important, appreciated, wanted, inspired and beyond all you can impress those people you really care about. 
    6. If you have never heard of certain techniques, skills, methods and strategies, there is no way on earth you’ll improve your playing. 

    3. How much do lessons cost?

    Because everyone's abilities, financial background and time schedules aren’t the same. We do not offer a one size fits all programme. However lessons rage between £25-£35 per hour. However if you desire specialised one-to-one sessions we offer a few different programmes: 

    5 x one hour Lessons are £160 per calendar month. (£32 p/h)

    10 x one hour Lessons are £240 per calendar month. Discount of £80

    15 x one hour Lessons are £320 per calendar month. Discount of £160

    4. What age range do you teach and when can my child start?

    Usually a good age to start guitar lessons is around 6 years. Although I have taught many students aged 5 that made significant progress and had lots of fun, the 6 year rule is not set. Beyond that, guitar is for everyone. You are never too old and age should never even be considered if you want to give making music a try. 

    5. Would my child need their own guitar?

    Yes, however when attending your free introductory lesson this is not required. I am a firm believer of taking a car for a test drive. That being said we offer a free 45min lesson for you to decide

    whether you like us, how we teach and if you feel that what we can provide is worth your time and effort. Click here to schedule your free introductory lesson: https://dejagerguitarschool.com/index.php/register

    6. Do you teach grades?

    Yes and No. Only because I have seen so many students fall out of the passion, love and enjoyment for instruments. And due to the fact that they were bored and frightened to death with the amount of information and deadlines required playing the instrument. People quit too often. If this is something you really want to persist, we offer a programme that is perfectly inline with the grades provided by Rock School https://www.rslawards.com/rockschool/ .

    7. Do you offer home tuition?


    8. How do I book a free introductory Lesson?

    Get in touch either by calling 07394 30 39 70 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    9. What if I am not good enough?

    This is such a common question asked regularly. You will never know unless you get in touch and give it a go. We guarantee that if you follow the path, specifically designed for your needs and desires, and make no progress within 6 weeks we’ll give you a full 6 week refund. 

    10. Why have lessons with De Jager Guitar School?

    DJGS is built by establishing TRUST, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and

    PASSION for people. We absolutely honour the opportunity to do what we love each day. This in itself is at the heart of what we do here! Because of my 12 years’ experience of teaching students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds (including Special Needs) we provide a professional and stimulating environment that would exceed anyone's expectations. Guaranteed results are what we offer in return for your time and effort. 

    11. Can parents sit in on lessons?

    Yes, and I encourage it. This way parents have as good idea of how the structure of the lesson is delivered. In addition to seeing how your child makes progress within lessons. On the other hand, we ensure that the lesson preparation and delivery is above and beyond what is expected and ensure that everyone makes good progress and have fun on their way to becoming great guitarist and musicians.      


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